Birthday Haul

I got some nice presents for my birthday this year!  There are a lot of pictures (because makeup and nail polish!) so to keep things slightly organized, I have three sections in this post: beauty, accessories, and other things.

I'm not trying to be braggy, I just like seeing what other people get for birthdays and Christmas in their blogs and videos so I thought I'd do my own birthday haul.

I got lots of nail polish, a couple of nail files and nail polish remover pads.  I have the lilac color on my toes and the teal shade on my my fingers.  Both have the matte top coat on them.  

Wet & Wild Wild Shine
Clear Nail Protector 401A, Matte Top Coat 407C, Protective Base Coat 406C

Sallie Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
Jazzy Jade 280, Lacey Lilac 270, Red Carpet 390

Sallie Hansen Jazzy Jade with Wet & Wild Matte Top Coat
I also got the Urban Decay Naked palette!  I'm so excited to use this!  I also keep rubbing it because it's frickin' velvet!  I'm not sure that I've used enough exclamation points!


 This ring is so awesome.

More skulls!

Muscles, Paper & Cookware:
About a month ago I saw that I could get all four Riddick movies but I didn't want to buy them because I was already buying horror movies.  So I convinced Steve to buy them and wrap them up for my birthday.  I sort of forgot about them so they were almost a surprise!  Ha ha ha!  I really like Vin Diesel.

My sister also got me an Alice in Wonderland coloring book and a little notebook that looks like a Wonderland passport.  I looked up the website on the back of the passport because it said it was by The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild, which I thought was funny.  Anyway, I just thought I'd mention it because these people have a sense of humor and they sell puppets, t-shirts, and a bunch of other things.

My mom gave me this small saucepan.  I already have the same one but in a bigger size that I use exclusively for cream sauces.  (Yeah, I know I'm crazy.)  I used this little cute one for oatmeal yesterday and it was the best day ever.  Nothing stuck to the bottom!

That was the longest post ever.  Congratulations and Thank You if you made it the end and actually read everything!

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