Bargain Beauty

Another sunny day!  It's almost my birthday but as of last week I actually didn't realize it was so soon because I have a spring birthday and it has not felt that way until this week.  I was at CVS on Sunday and happened to walk through the makeup aisle (weird...) and I saw that there was a buy one get one 50 percent off sale on NYC products.  Since I have some nail polish and lip glosses from that brand I figured the universe was trying to tell me I needed two more things.  ha ha!

NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color

It probably said the name of the color on the shelf and maybe it did on the plastic that was wrapped around it when I bought it.  But it doesn't have a number or the name of the color on it now that I've opened it.

Wow, these winter hands need some moisturizer!
There were a few choices of colors.  This one is bright pink and goes on really creamy and smooth.  I have had it on for about six hours today and my lips are still pink.  It has dried out a little since I've been eating and drinking and talking on the phone, but I think it was less than $3.  For my half price item I got 99 cent nail polish.  So it was 50 cents.  That's pretty much my favorite price ever.

NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel in Wine Bar 144

In the pictures I think it looks a little more red than it really is in real life.  I bought it because it looks a little like an OPI color that my sister had when she got her nails done a few weeks ago.  It's not exact but again...50 cents.  It's a little thin and definitely needs two coats, maybe three would be better?  I did my nails on Monday and I did actually put a topcoat on them.  They are just starting to chip today so I would consider that long lasting.  I think I'm going to redo them with the same color on Friday for the weekend because it is a really pretty color.

I change my nail color a lot so I skip a top coat most of the time because I don't really need it to last.  I love Sally Hansen and have used practically every version of clear polish they have.  The Diamond Strength Hardener is really awesome.  I have been using it for months and I like it a lot.  My nails tend to peel but this stuff has helped a lot.  It keeps them from peeling and breaking so they can grow longer.

(This is not a sponsored post or anything.  I just really love Sally Hansen and am happy to be their unpaid cheerleader.)

Ha ha...my serious face wondering if I will actually be in the picture this time!

This what I'm wearing today...please note the lack of socks and long sleeves!!!!  I was playing with my camera and figured out how to set the timer and change some settings.  If anyone cares about cameras it is a Canon PowerShot SD10000 and is about a million years old.  I normally just point and shoot.  This was the best out of my practice shots.  All of the others either had my head cut out or I was blurry because the camera focused on the fence or the house across the street.  Hooray for learning!


  1. What fabulous pieces, glamourous in red!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. Thank you! ...for the compliment and the comment! :)