Weekend Review: Social Butterfly

I socialized all weekend.  I'm exhausted! :)


I spent the day visiting a friend and her baby.  We went to the park and then got lunch to eat at their house.  Not having a car and trying to leave the city isn't that terrible, but I started my day by walking instead of taking a bus because I didn't want to wait for it.  Unfortunately, fashion and impatience led to blisters that day so on my way home I instagrammed my feet waiting for the bus.


I'm not sure how well the color comes through for these eggs but they are really orange.  I don't know why I am shocked every time I crack an egg but farm eggs look so much better than grocery store eggs.  Saturday brunch was red pepper, leek, eggs and toast.

Of course because it is April it was raining so my nice husband went to get our zipcar and I got to wait at home for him to come pick me up in it.  While I waited I took about 4 billion selfies because I really felt the need to document that I wasn't wearing long sleeves for once!

Saturday night was supposed to be a game night but when we got to our friends' house we just got too excited about this beer and their 3D TV.  This beer was apparently advertised as being the best beer in the world and it might be.


Another train ride to get to my Grandpa's 75th birthday party.  The birthday boy chose the brunch menu so I happily stuffed myself full of sausage, bacon, and mimosas.  Before we got back on the train we had a hot date in a bar where we got these messy waffle fries covered in cheese and chili.  Why do the best foods always look like barf?

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