Throwback Thursday: California Trip

These pictures are from a trip I took with my husband (then boyfriend) in June 2013.
We stayed four nights in San Francisco, drove a few hours north and spent a night in Mendocino, then back down to San Francisco for a night before flying home the next day.

Mine has all of the chocolate.
 We spent the first part of our vacation wandering around the city.  We live in our own city so while we did do some touristy things, like Alcatraz and getting ice cream at Ghirardelli Square, we mostly just walked around looking at the architecture and getting a feel for the different neighborhoods.  Also, we went out for dinner and drinks the whole time because, that's the best part of a vacation!

I found the Pacific Ocean!
We walked the entire length of Golden Gate Park, which is ridiculously long and at the end of it we pretty much felt like we had become Lewis and Clark because we totally found the Pacific Ocean!  Luckily, there was a restaurant right next to it and a bus to bring our tired legs back to the other side of the city where our hotel was.  Modern civilization is the best!

As a frequent bus rider in my own city, I would like to add in my own personal views on city buses here:  San Francisco's buses are AMAZING!  People with commuter passes can tap their card on a SEPARATE machine from the people trying to pay fare (like slow tourists) AND AND AND they have the option to get on at the rear door because there is ANOTHER tap pad back there!  I wish my city had these genius modifications on our buses.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Mendocino and then went sea kayaking, which was really fun.  A giant sea lion popped up out of the water right in front of me, which was terrifying.  We got to see some redwoods on our way back to the Bay Area.  Pictures don't actually show the scale of how big the trees really are.  After the redwoods, my husband drove while I had a panic attack looking out the window at the most insane view of scary hill/mountain/cliff landscape.  I took one picture of that and actually deleted it because it didn't do it justice and I didn't want to taint my memories.  

This is probably the best picture I got of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I can't remember if this is from when we were leaving the city or coming back into it.

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