Tasty Tuesday: Eat Me

My aunt brought this tiny jar of of jelly back from a trip to England.  It was really cute and I almost didn't want to use it but then I opened it and it smelled so good.  And really I think saving an unopened jar of jelly is crossing a line and would make me a hoarder.

I think the name Tipsy Strawberry & Champagne is hilarious and the other Alice had a little size change when she ate things that told her to so I was hoping for some kind of reaction.  But alas I am still the same old Alice.

I think it's probably enough for 4 pieces of toast (I've already had 3 in the last 24 hours).  I did put a lot on the first piece that I had yesterday.  I put less on the two pieces I ate this morning so that I can have a little more tomorrow.

She gave it to me with this tiny bag that only fits a tiny jar of jelly, or a tiny bottle of something to drink.  Maybe once I finish the jar I'll grow...

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