Leopard Shoes

Now that it is not freezing all of the time and I'm not dodging puddles every single time I leave the house, I have been wearing cuter shoes.  I got these leopard print flats last Fall but have been wearing them all week.  I originally bought them because I thought they would look good with brown but I wear black way more often.  Conveniently, leopard print can handle it.  In addition to changing the shoes this week, I decided that I've had enough with bulky winter clothes so I pulled out the sheer and flowy summer clothes.  Obviously I needed to layer though because -- New England -- it snowed this week.

These jeans are actually dark blue but look black in this picture.

The tights I'm wearing in this picture are actually fleece lined tights!  I can't remember what brand they are but I got them at Nordstrom Rack.  They are really warm and snuggly.  I got the dress there as well and the black shirt underneath was from Banana Republic about eight years ago.

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