Christmas Nails in April?

I really like NYC quick dry nail polishes.  They are pretty cheap and you can get away with one coat if you are lazy.  I do have two coats on because I had plenty of time to paint while watching YouTube videos.  I also have a light grey version of this polish the color of concrete that I like a lot as well.  The color that you get on your nails when they are dry is the same as you see in the bottle, which is really nice.

NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish
Columbus Circle Crimson 205

My engagement ring makes it a little Christmas-y.  Ha ha!  I actually did buy this color specifically to wear on Christmas but then I worked all day every day leading up to it so I never had time to paint them.

This is what the color looks like in sunlight.  I think I would only wear this color in cloudy cold weather or on my toes in the summer because otherwise it would be too bright for me.  Also, I did not put a top coat on because this polish is shiny enough by itself.

 Check out my super clean kitchen sink in those last two pictures!  :)

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