Christmas Nails in April?

I really like NYC quick dry nail polishes.  They are pretty cheap and you can get away with one coat if you are lazy.  I do have two coats on because I had plenty of time to paint while watching YouTube videos.  I also have a light grey version of this polish the color of concrete that I like a lot as well.  The color that you get on your nails when they are dry is the same as you see in the bottle, which is really nice.

NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish
Columbus Circle Crimson 205

My engagement ring makes it a little Christmas-y.  Ha ha!  I actually did buy this color specifically to wear on Christmas but then I worked all day every day leading up to it so I never had time to paint them.

This is what the color looks like in sunlight.  I think I would only wear this color in cloudy cold weather or on my toes in the summer because otherwise it would be too bright for me.  Also, I did not put a top coat on because this polish is shiny enough by itself.

 Check out my super clean kitchen sink in those last two pictures!  :)


Tasty Tuesday: Eat Me

My aunt brought this tiny jar of of jelly back from a trip to England.  It was really cute and I almost didn't want to use it but then I opened it and it smelled so good.  And really I think saving an unopened jar of jelly is crossing a line and would make me a hoarder.

I think the name Tipsy Strawberry & Champagne is hilarious and the other Alice had a little size change when she ate things that told her to so I was hoping for some kind of reaction.  But alas I am still the same old Alice.

I think it's probably enough for 4 pieces of toast (I've already had 3 in the last 24 hours).  I did put a lot on the first piece that I had yesterday.  I put less on the two pieces I ate this morning so that I can have a little more tomorrow.

She gave it to me with this tiny bag that only fits a tiny jar of jelly, or a tiny bottle of something to drink.  Maybe once I finish the jar I'll grow...


Weekend Review: Social Butterfly

I socialized all weekend.  I'm exhausted! :)


I spent the day visiting a friend and her baby.  We went to the park and then got lunch to eat at their house.  Not having a car and trying to leave the city isn't that terrible, but I started my day by walking instead of taking a bus because I didn't want to wait for it.  Unfortunately, fashion and impatience led to blisters that day so on my way home I instagrammed my feet waiting for the bus.


I'm not sure how well the color comes through for these eggs but they are really orange.  I don't know why I am shocked every time I crack an egg but farm eggs look so much better than grocery store eggs.  Saturday brunch was red pepper, leek, eggs and toast.

Of course because it is April it was raining so my nice husband went to get our zipcar and I got to wait at home for him to come pick me up in it.  While I waited I took about 4 billion selfies because I really felt the need to document that I wasn't wearing long sleeves for once!

Saturday night was supposed to be a game night but when we got to our friends' house we just got too excited about this beer and their 3D TV.  This beer was apparently advertised as being the best beer in the world and it might be.


Another train ride to get to my Grandpa's 75th birthday party.  The birthday boy chose the brunch menu so I happily stuffed myself full of sausage, bacon, and mimosas.  Before we got back on the train we had a hot date in a bar where we got these messy waffle fries covered in cheese and chili.  Why do the best foods always look like barf?


Selfie Saturday: Sore Feet

I spent yesterday hanging out with my oldest friend and her baby!  It was a lot of fun but at the end of the day I was too tired to walk the mile home from the train so here are my sore feet waiting for the bus.


New Furniture

I'm so excited!  There is a rug in my living room!  My television isn't sitting on the floor!

The rug and the piece that the television is on are both from Crate&Barrel.  This is really exciting because the only furniture that moved into this place with us back in September was a small dining room table, a desk and chair, and one of those Poang chairs from Ikea that every bachelor pad has at least one of.  Slowly rooms have been filling up over the past seven months and it finally feels comfortable in here.

Crate&Barrel calls this an entryway bench.  It is very sturdy and the drawers are a good size.  It has been so annoying to watch a movie with the TV on the floor all these months.  The consoles are on the bottom shelf and one drawer is for video games and the other drawer has controllers, headset, and other accessories.

This wall is awkward because the middle comes out into the room and has a vent on it, the doorway is on one side, and there is an intake vent on the floor on the other side where the wall pushed back.  The space behind the TV is empty so that we don't cover up the vent but it is pushed over to the left so that we don't cover the vent on the wall either.  Now that the TV is elevated, I can actually see it from wherever I am sitting.  When it was on the floor the couch blocked part of it depending where I sat.

The rug is actually an indoor/outdoor rug which means that it will be easy to clean when I inevitably spill drinks all over it.  The woman who placed the order said that we can literally take it out in the yard and hose it down if we want to!  It isn't plush at all so there is a thick pad under it to make it more squishy and comfy.  The pad is actually really nice because the bottom of it is non-slip.  In the past I've always had the non-slip stuff, then a pad, then the rug, which was really hard to line up and was a huge pain every time I wanted to pull it up to vacuum or rearrange the furniture.


Throwback Thursday: California Trip

These pictures are from a trip I took with my husband (then boyfriend) in June 2013.
We stayed four nights in San Francisco, drove a few hours north and spent a night in Mendocino, then back down to San Francisco for a night before flying home the next day.

Mine has all of the chocolate.
 We spent the first part of our vacation wandering around the city.  We live in our own city so while we did do some touristy things, like Alcatraz and getting ice cream at Ghirardelli Square, we mostly just walked around looking at the architecture and getting a feel for the different neighborhoods.  Also, we went out for dinner and drinks the whole time because, that's the best part of a vacation!

I found the Pacific Ocean!
We walked the entire length of Golden Gate Park, which is ridiculously long and at the end of it we pretty much felt like we had become Lewis and Clark because we totally found the Pacific Ocean!  Luckily, there was a restaurant right next to it and a bus to bring our tired legs back to the other side of the city where our hotel was.  Modern civilization is the best!

As a frequent bus rider in my own city, I would like to add in my own personal views on city buses here:  San Francisco's buses are AMAZING!  People with commuter passes can tap their card on a SEPARATE machine from the people trying to pay fare (like slow tourists) AND AND AND they have the option to get on at the rear door because there is ANOTHER tap pad back there!  I wish my city had these genius modifications on our buses.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast in Mendocino and then went sea kayaking, which was really fun.  A giant sea lion popped up out of the water right in front of me, which was terrifying.  We got to see some redwoods on our way back to the Bay Area.  Pictures don't actually show the scale of how big the trees really are.  After the redwoods, my husband drove while I had a panic attack looking out the window at the most insane view of scary hill/mountain/cliff landscape.  I took one picture of that and actually deleted it because it didn't do it justice and I didn't want to taint my memories.  

This is probably the best picture I got of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I can't remember if this is from when we were leaving the city or coming back into it.


Rainy Day Nails

A rainy day is a nail painting day.  This nail polish is a shiny dark green in the poor lighting I've got happening inside on this cloudy day but it gets a little teal going on in it when there is more natural light hitting it.  Don't mind the messy painting job I did!

Here is a better picture of what it looks like in the bottle.  On the nails it really does go back and forth between the dark green and teal colors depending on which angle you are looking at it from.  Apparently this was a limited edition Project Runway color that L'Oreal did in 2012.  Oh, the things you can learn searching the internet!

L'Oreal The Muse's Attitude 791


Tasty Tuesday: Goose Egg!

April 22 is Earth Day so this Tasty Tuesday has some local food in it.  (It's a stretch, I know.)  The giant egg is a goose egg from a farm and the small egg is a large chicken egg from the grocery store.

In this second picture the egg on the top is the goose egg.  The yolk is HUGE.  It's hard to tell in this picture since it is top down and the yolk of the chicken egg broke but the frying pan is a large pan and it's pretty full of egg.  Chicken eggs from the grocery store tend to be a little on the yellow side, versus farm eggs that are darker and a lot of times are more orange.  But this goose egg was super yellow.


Weekend Recap: Easter 2014

While out on a walk I caught the Easter Bunny snooping around the neighborhood!  My husband took a bunch of pictures by holding the camera over the bushes and hoping for the best.  We couldn't tell if we got anything good until we moved into the shade to look at the screen.  Our inexperience at being sneaky paparazzi caused us to get too close and the bunny took off.

Easter!  I went to two parties, ate a ton of food, and sort of participated in an egg hunt.  I wore a pink dress with a grey and black striped jacket that is made out of sweatshirt material.  I wore my fleece tights and black flats.  My necklace is a sparkly cassette tape and my Ray Bans are red and blue so I'm not sure how much they matched, but they did add some more color.

I've had this dress for a long time but it's a little difficult to find opportunities to wear a super short, super puffy, hot pink party dress so it's probably only the third time I've worn it.  When I got into the car one of the straps broke so I went to buy some safety pins to try to rig it back up.  It broke at least four times before we were able to get it to stay together.  Good thing I was also wearing a jacket!

I have always been so terrible at finding eggs and candy for my entire life so my sister let me be on her team.  She found about 90% of these eggs.  I just followed her around with the buckets.  After that we sat around inside where my dad thought I needed some help with taking a picture.

Since it was a holiday I curled my hair.  The before picture on the left was taken right after I curled and sprayed my whole head but before I separated the curls to make them less defined.  The after picture on the right was taken after I walked a few blocks in the city with constant gusts of wind attacking me with no regard to my effort, style, or feelings.


Selfie Saturday: Photo Frame

I discovered that I can make my pictures even more beautiful on my phone!  I also got these new earrings yesterday. The beads are on loops made of what seems to be heavy fishing line.


Leopard Shoes

Now that it is not freezing all of the time and I'm not dodging puddles every single time I leave the house, I have been wearing cuter shoes.  I got these leopard print flats last Fall but have been wearing them all week.  I originally bought them because I thought they would look good with brown but I wear black way more often.  Conveniently, leopard print can handle it.  In addition to changing the shoes this week, I decided that I've had enough with bulky winter clothes so I pulled out the sheer and flowy summer clothes.  Obviously I needed to layer though because -- New England -- it snowed this week.

These jeans are actually dark blue but look black in this picture.

The tights I'm wearing in this picture are actually fleece lined tights!  I can't remember what brand they are but I got them at Nordstrom Rack.  They are really warm and snuggly.  I got the dress there as well and the black shirt underneath was from Banana Republic about eight years ago.


Tasty Tuesday: Produce Haul

This is a tiny fruit and veggie haul from my local produce market.  The baggie is full of orange slices that I had already peeled to have as a snack.  If a food is too annoying to eat I will probably not eat it, even if it is the most delicious food in the world.  Oranges make your hands messy, sticky and smelly when you peel them.  I'm much more likely to eat them if I get it all ready at once and then pull out a bag of orange slices the next day with my clean hands.  I rarely eat chicken wings for the same reason.  I don't want chicken and sauce all over my face and hands.


Weekend Recap: PAXEast 2014

This weekend I was at PAXEast, which is a gaming convention held in Boston, MA.  I went with my husband and we were able to meet up with some of my friends and some of his so we had a lot of fun.  We only got tickets for Friday and Saturday and used Sunday as a sleep-it-off day.  I didn't want to spend all of my money on expensive convention center food so I packed a giant amount of snacks to bring.  Most of them were healthy things like nuts, fruit and protein bars but then, because nothing goes with standing in long lines and wandering around the expo hall like sugar...I baked a million chocolate chip cookies.

The entire weekend was completely sold out so it was packed even on Friday morning.  I went to a couple of interesting panels including one about working on creative projects and one on branding and social media.  THEN I BOUGHT THESE AWESOME GUNNARS!!!!  I got the Phenom style in graphite with the crystalline lenses.  They are awesome because they reduce computer glare and honestly feel like a snuggle for your eyeballs.  I've been wearing them all morning and so far so good.

After exploring the tabletop gaming area my legs needed a break and so did my phone battery.  Conveniently there was an unoccupied outlet right next to a good spot to people watch so I saw a ton of awesome cosplay.  The best were two little boys dressed as Mario and Luigi striking a pose for people to take pictures.  I'd guess they were about six.  After the humans and the electronics were rested and recharged, we went out for nachos, beer and dinner before one more panel and a sleepy ride home.

The other great thing about this spot was the direct view of a blow up boxing ring where people pummeled each other with gigantic boxing gloves.  Hilarious.


Selfie Saturday: PAXEast 2014

Today was Day 2 of PAXEast 2014. I wore my Marty McFly hat and got a few compliments, which made me pretty happy.


Selfie Saturday: Stella!

Stella is my cat that lives with my dad. She's fickle in her affections but she's cute enough to make up for the frequent cold shoulders she gives everyone.


Little Lush Haul (and movies)

Yesterday I went to Lush to get a replacement for my Celestial facial moisturizer. I really liked that one because it is made for sensitive skin and my skin had been going crazy from stress, winter and hormones. It isn't super heavy but was creamy enough to make this Northerner happy in January and February. As much as I liked it, it is April now and it was starting to be a bit too much. So I switched to Vanishing Cream. I bought it yesterday so I've only used it twice but so far it feels really light and the lavender scent smells soooo good! It is almost twice as expensive as Celestial but I don't think I need to use as much each time. It soaks right in and after a few hours my skin still feels hydrated but not greasy.

I also bought a Fizzbanger Bath Bomb, which is a favorite of mine, and a really cute bunny bubble bar.

After Lush, my husband wanted to stop at Newbury Comics to look at movies and I went a little crazy. I've been wanting to watch scary movies lately but we don't seem to have many. We did watch 28 Days Later last weekend. I had never seen it so I was freaked out the whole time not knowing what was going to happen. My husband laughed at that but seriously the movie is made to startle you and make you jump. To add to our horror choices, I bought two movies that I have seen before. 1408 has John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson and is about a haunted hotel room. When I watched this the first time I was so terrified when I had to pause it to go to the bathroom and was afraid of walking back through my dark house that I ran and jumped on the couch, which broke the couch. Rosemary's Baby is a classic and is terrifying. I had no idea what it was about when I saw it and so I think it was even worse than it would have been if I'd actually read the summary on the back. The other movie I got was The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy because it's awesome, I've seen it a billion times, and somehow my husband has seen it ZERO times?!?!