Hi I'm Alice.  Welcome!

This is where I talk about... basically I talk about myself.  I write about food I love to cook and eat, beauty products I use and clothes I wear.  I also like to show off my city (Boston) and share my successes in the house cleaning and organizing world of adulthood.  This blog does get occasional cameos of Steve (my husband) and Stella (my cat) but if you really want to see our family in action then you're in luck because we daily vlog on ManfridaTV!

Outside of this blog, and the more serious pursuits of adult life, I frequently seek the thrill of a lazy weekend brunch.  My imagination is extremely wild because I don't see the point in having one if you're just going to try to control it.  Like most people I have a variety of interests so there is a lot going on here.  My childhood dream was to live on a farm, I'm a former educator, and I paint my nails all the time.  I love the internet and if I were a color, I would be green.

My personal YouTube channel is a companion to this blog.  I'd love it if you'd check it out! :)

If that's not enough, I'm all over the place so come find me!