Dining Room / Living Room Tour

This is the follow up to Friday's post where I told you I was doing a mega house clean.  Well, the downstairs looks awesome (if I do say so myself...ha ha!)  I feel like pictures do not show what a room looks like well enough to bother trying to take them.  I mean I'm not a professional interiors photographer and I don't have magazine quality editing skills so there really isn't any point.  BUT, I made a video.  :)  So if you'd like to see how it all came out then check out the video below.

Or click this link: Dining Room / Living Room Tour


  1. Love the new layout! Some day when I actually buy a house, maybe you can help me with furniture placement. Remember trying to move my giant furniture into my tiny basement apartment in Sterling?!

    1. OMG Ha ha! That couch is comfortable but I'm not sad to be rid of mine because that thing is monstrous!