Tasty Tuesday: Lasagna Takes Forever


Cheerios, banana, black coffee, Tasty Tuesday

I had a bowl of Cheerios with almond milk and a whole banana.  And as always, I had a cup of black coffee.


I made a really delicious tuna sandwich.  I had already chopped up a bunch of scallions so I just put a bunch in the sandwich along with cheddar cheese.  I also had couple of dill pickles and some water.  I didn't end up getting a picture of it, though. :(


Constant Comment, Bigelow, Tasty Tuesday

Babybel cheese, mixed nuts, Tasty Tuesday

I drank three cups of tea from the same tea bag and graham crackers with peanut butter and raisins.  Then I had some cheese, mixed nuts and some crispy seaweed.  I didn't want to eat all of that but I had a looong time to wait to eat supper.


supper, dinner, Tasty Tuesday

lasagna, dinner, Tasty Tuesday

LASAGNA!  Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make lasagna starting at 8pm on a Monday....oh man.  We didn't eat until about 10:30pm.  Except that we were pretty much falling asleep on our plates it was totally worth the wait and we both had seconds.

I started a YouTube channel!  So far there are mostly just short videos of the cat on there.  But I've been playing around with camera options and learning some simple editing skills and I've got plans for more actual content.  If you watch the video you can even see my tuna sandwich.


  1. Cannot believe you started posting videos ! That's great ! Loved the post and now I want to eat lasgna ! :)

    1. I've been eating leftovers for lunch all week. It was totally worth it. As for the videos I decided to just jump in and do it because otherwise I was going to chicken out! Ha ha! :)