Harold At 15 Months

Harold At 15 months, baby, toddler

Harold is 15 months old! He is so fun to play with and he's really trying to have conversations with us. He is "talking" constantly and he even has a few words comprehensible to the rest of us. He can say "no" of course but it's actually very helpful because he uses it correctly and it helps us to figure out what he actually wants or doesn't want. He loves to go outside and move his body. This kid is strong and sturdy and is steadily becoming an expert climber. He's still very lovey and likes to share toys and snacks with us. We get lots of snuggles. He still nurses a few times throughout the day and while we are getting a bit more sleep as he occasionally sleeps through the night, most nights he wakes a couple times and sleeps the majority of it in our bed with us. We aren't complaining though because we know he won't be little forever and we're soaking it up while we can. :)

Harold At 15 Months, baby, toddler

Harold At 15 Months, baby, toddler

His 15 Month Update video is up on my YouTube channel so head over there to see his little personality in action.


Easy Last-Minute Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas

I have been trying to figure out what to dress Harold as for Halloween this year for months. I really thought I'd have it all figured out and it would be epic and there would be no rushing around, but then everything got really hectic and here we are: Halloween is TOMORROW! Last year I had so many ideas but this year I just had no idea.

Baby costume pictures: here

Baby costume idea video: here

I dug around the house and came up with a few super easy, super quick, super cute costume ideas for my 15 month old.

Costume Idea 1 - Elliot from E.T.
This is the winning choice for this year!

Costume Idea 2 - Skeleton Pajamas
If it's too difficult to pull something together last minute you can always grab the Halloween pajamas! The skeleton jammies are a classic choice in kids' nighttime fashion.

Costume Idea 3 - Paper Bag Mask
This one is hilarious! Harold had so much fun playing with this paper bag mask! He thought it was so funny that he could look out of the eye holes! He kept taking it off so that he could try to put it on by himself, which was adorable.

Check out the video to see these costumes in action!