Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Bottle | Review

Harold had his first bottle! I only put 2 oz in the bottle because I wasn't sure how he'd take it and didn't want to waste it if he had a hard time. I went with this Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle on the recommendation of another breastfeeding mom friend and it worked out really well! This is the first time that Steve has ever fed a baby and the first time that Harold has ever had a bottle and they both quickly got the hang of it.

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When Steve first put the bottle in the baby's mouth he made a slightly confused face but he quickly latched on and started sucking. The only time he paused during the whole 2 oz. was when he opened his mouth to smile at Steve. It was literally the cutest thing ever!

He did a great job and polished off his little snack in no time at all and then set about trying to nurse from his dad. He kept turning his head into Steve's chest and opening his mouth to try to latch on. Ha ha! So I took him to feed him some more and he had no trouble going back to the boob like normal.

Watch Steve give Harold his first bottle: Trying A Bottle

Obviously since we've only done it the one time I can't really say that he's a pro and that we'll never have a problem but I am confident that this will work and allow me to leave Hal for a bit once in a while. I mean I'm totally not ready to do that yet but my midwife said not to leave it too long without introducing a bottle because otherwise he might not really want to take it, and then I'll be stuck.


Two Months Postpartum Update | Mom & Baby

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

Harold turned 2 months old way back on October 1st and I even filmed the update for both him and me a while ago. But having a 2 month old baby means that it is very difficult to get editing done. That's why I'm only just now getting it up. These pictures were taken the day he turned 2 months though. :)

The first half of the video is all about Harold and what he can do and how big he is now. The second half is about my recovery at 2 months postpartum and I also talked a little about how breastfeeding is going.

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

two months postpartum update, baby, mom, postpartum, recovery

Thanks for reading!
:) Alice & Harold